Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report

Selling your home is one of the most importance financial decisions you will make in your life. As a result, it is worthwhile to be certain of quality and integrity of your home before you even put it on the market. A home is truly the place where your heart lies, and this begins with the listing process itself. You do not want to get the hopes up of every member in your family, only to have them come crashing down due to a failed home inspection way down the line. To avoid this, consider the benefits pre-listing home inspection report before you even get serious about putting your home on the market. With such a report, you will no longer need to worry about any deal falling through because of an important issue that arises on the inspection report. Such a situation would put the financing of the deal in jeopardy. Continue reading to learn more about this important issue.

It Is All About Value

One of the advantages of getting a pre-home inspection in Canada is that it helps determine the selling price. You are too emotionally invested in your home to make this determination on your own. Most people feel that their house is worth more than it actually is because of the attachment that they have to the property. As a result, homeowners tend to want to list their home at a value much higher than the market will allow. This not only limits the number of buyers that will come by to take a look, it also precludes a lender from agreeing to permit the buyer to borrow more money than the home is actually worth. If you do not have a pre-inspection report, you will have no way of knowing what the actual value of your home is. An appraisal will be included in the report, so this is a prudent course of action to take.

Get Problems Fixed That You Did Not Know Existed

Many people wonder what a pre-listing home inspection report actually entails. Quite a lot actually goes into such a home inspection. The inspector will closely analyze the foundation, structure, and mechanical underpinnings of the home itself. Why would you do this before a buyer actually indicates their intent to purchase? Well, simply put, it heads off potential trouble down the line. A professional home inspector will find out if there is anything wrong with the heating system. This is a big plus in Canada. It could be a deal breaker if it is found out right before closing that the entire boiler system is on the fritz. The inspection will also look at the plumbing and electrical system throughout the entire house. If there is anything that should be fixed, the report will indicate it as such. These are items that could kill a deal, so it is best to have them corrected before the home is even listed. This will then provide the seller with peace of mind as they begin to close a purchase offer, as the inspection has already revealed that the home is great shape.

Provide Prospective Buyers With Peace of Mind

Buying a home requires a huge financial investment. Selling a home in Ottawa is made easier given the hot market, but buyers still want to be assured that they are getting what they pay for. When you have a pre-sale inspection report generated, you can provide that to prospective buyers the first time that they come out to have a look. They will know exactly what the issues are, if any, and feel good about the integrity of you as the homeowner. It is simply a prudent course of action to take.

Save Time and Money

This should be music to your years. As a seller, you are obviously interested in maximizing your sales price and the profit you make from the eventual sale of your home. To do that, you will likely need to invest in a few repairs, even if the home is relatively new. If you wait until after an offer is made on your property to have the inspection done, you will be in a time crunch to get the work completed or risk having the buyer walk out on the deal.A pre-sale home inspection report gives you the time that you need to shop around for various contractors and ensure that the work is done correctly the first time, and within a budget that you can live with.

Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

When you are selling a home in Ottawa, there will almost certainly be some repairs that you need to make. Unless you are a licensed contractor yourself, however, you should wait to determine what exactly those repairs are before setting out to get them fixed. What might seem to be a problem to you might be found during the pre-sale inspection to be related to something entirely different. This will save you the time, hassle and expense of repairing items that weren’t really broken in the first place.

In short, a bad home inspection can be a deal breaker in more than one way. Heading off these problems before you even list your home is the way to go. It provides for a more streamlined buying process in the end, which means that you will receive you money and can get on with your own life in your new home. If a prospective buyer finds issues with leaky pipes or the roof, they may back out of the deal regardless of whether or not you agree to fix them. Have an inspection done before that even happens so you can go ahead and get those items fixed.

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